Saanich Songmen Welcome to Bob McIntyre's Music Site

From this page you can download four types of files: [not yet set up]

  • PDF - The lead sheet for the songs here:
  • MP3 - The sound files of the songs here:
  • MUS - The total song in it's own file here:
  • EXE - The program to play MUS files here:
In way of explanation:
  • PDF - The lead sheet in the musical notation for the song.
  • MP3 - Your computer can play the music shown in the lead sheet, unless your computer is incorrectly set up for sound.
  • MUS - This is a proprietary format file which is produced by the Finale music program. It can be read by the EXE program mentioned below.
  • EXE - This program is free, and controls the tempo and volume of the sound produced by the above MUS program.
If you want information, you can e-mail me here: Bob [not quite ready yet]